Sunday, 28 July 2013

26/07/2013 - Being a girl

Guess what I did this morning?! Yes, that's right - I went to the gym with Paul. At least it's not a bad thing to be predictable when you're doing good and healthy things!

It was dress down day at work today, and sometimes those are the hardest days! Mostly because in the temperamental weather we are having at the moment, it's warm but at the same time it could be raining at any second. So finding something to wear isn't easy.

Turns out that my pic was almost identical to what colleague T chose to wear!

Everyone was grumpy in the office today, except T. My annoyance was mostly down to the AssHat making contact and causing everything to be more complicated than it actually is, plus lying to my big bosses about things that we could easily prove as inaccurate, which meant more work for us. Really difficult. Stupid man.

I would put in the icon, but it's been the first image on my blog before, and I do like diversity. Maybe later.

Oh, and they used the word AssHat in Franklin and Bash this week too! So it's a cool thing to say! :)

So work happened and was dull as ever. Nothing interesting to say about it except I ate an over-ripe banana and nearly vomited at how sweet it is. I won't be doing that again. Bleugh.

After work I headed straight to the hair dresser! It's a little late but I need a trim before the wedding. My hairdresser is lovely, and when I walked in, even though I don't go very often, she said "you married yet?!" so she clearly remembered me. When I told her that it's 6 weeks away (EEK!) she was asking a LOT of questions.

It was warm in the hairdressers. REALLY warm. When you have as much hair as I have, and it's being blow dried, it's even warmer. To the extent that she had to keep blowing cold air onto my neck!

She took somewhere between 1/2 to a full inch of the ends of my hair and neatened it up a bit. It now has six weeks to grow out a little. She said it was in good condition so didn't really need much more, but it was a bit dry still from holiday. So I'm glad I went.

When I came home, I decided that I needed to be productive again. So I did some sorting of washing and tidying up a bit. It's so easy for the house to become a bomb site! Stupid small houses.

We had chilli for dinner, which was nice, and then relaxed for a while. Then I remembered that I was supposed to be doing my nails for tomorrow, so set to and concentrated on those.

I decided on french tips because my nails are long enough and I thought I'd see if I was any good at it!

I have a kit which had stickers so the tips are nice and neat.

You then paint the tips white and leave them to dry. Once dry, you put a pale pink coat or two on top and you're done! I put an extra coat of my OPI nail strengthener on top of that, hoping that it will help keep them strong and chip-free.

Not bad!

I don't think I'll be doing them myself for the wedding. I'm not good enough at painting neatly with my right hand (I'm left handed) for the close up pictures. After all, the left hand will be the one with the wedding band on it that people will be looking at!

We watched some more TV and then went to get some much needed beauty sleep for tomorrow!

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