Tuesday, 23 July 2013

18/07/2013 - Another sizzler!

Seriously, we had snow in March and now we're having the hottest summer we've had in a really long time! What is going on, weather people?!

You'll be very proud of us. We got up and went to the gym! I did some kinetic weights on my arms, complete with some stepper in between. I also did some squats and lunges. Those were HARD!

All I wanted to do when we got back from the gym is lie down and sprawl out to cool down and rest.

Barney took that role from me. I had to leave him to be sprawled in the heat and go to work so I could afford to feed him and house him.

My job today: re-organise the filing cabinets.

They weren't being used to their best capability. I had to fix that. On a hot day I have to lift and move heavy files. Gee, that made me happy.

These are my babies. I think I've got them more efficient than before. I hope so, any way. It took me ages and it was hard work!

After work it was time for more doing nothing (I will stop that soon), watching some TV and catching up a little on my blogs. I have been slacking of late. Sorry, readers.

I don't really have anything exciting to tell you either. I need to do exciting stuff again!

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