Tuesday, 23 July 2013

16/07/2013 - Not quite according to plan.

We were supposed to get up and go to the gym this morning. 

Sadly, I woke up at silly o'clock with a really bad migraine. I took pills at about 4am, hoping they would have kicked it a few hours later so I could go to the gym. It hadn't. I stayed in bed. 

This isn't how today was supposed to go!

I managed to make myself get to work and take more pain killers. I made it through to lunch time when I needed to go out to get air. 

After taking a stroll I managed to feel better, which is a relief.

Once I got home, no rest for the wicked. Holiday washing needed sorting out.

Bear in mind that there was another load as well as this one.


We caught up on more tv and relaxed some more. I have so much stuff to do...but doing nothing just feels so much better!

As it's so warm we're really not sleeping well, so another early night was needed. It's a hard life.

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