Sunday, 14 July 2013

05/07/2013 - I Hate This Day

This is my least favourite day of the year.

The day before we go on holiday. Yup. I should be excited and happy and looking forward to a week in the sunshine (even though if we stayed in Liverpool we'd get sunshine as well!) but instead I'm a big ball of stress and sadness.

No time to dwell, as there's washing and packing to be done. Got to get all the washing done so there's not massive amounts when we get back. Got to make sure that all the clothes that we want to take are clean and vaguely ironed.

Then we have to pack. A job which, as any cat owner knows, is both entertaining and difficult.

"I'm coming with you!"

He was so happy! He loves hanging out in Paul's suitcase.

To distract him, I put a box on the bed for him to sit in instead - a box that he also loves. A combination of his messing around and being a playful little sausage lead to this:

Squashed kitty.

Not really. He's fine. He just couldn't decide where the play was coming from so wanted to be ready to attack from both sides.

Silly boy.

Don't be thinking that Barney was the only one indulging on assisting my procrastination of packing.

Maia was pretty fascinated by the zip on the suitcase. She didn't roll around in the case as Barney did. Merely tried to play with it.

We have a toy, known as 'drawer cat' in this house which has sensors on it and it meows when it's moved. Whilst packing, drawer cat had been removed from it's drawer and discovered by Barney & Maia.  I tried to video play time. I hope this works!

Alas, the time came where we can't play with them any more and have to pack. And after packing comes the worst thing in the world - taking the cats, my babies, to the Cattery for their holiday.

We've used the same cattery, Kennotels, for years. They're very clean and clearly care a lot about the animals. It doesn't make me feel any better about leaving them though. They were both so terrified. Barney went and hid, which isn't like him; and Maia, who usually runs and hides, was low with her tail between her legs looking for an escape. We had to leave as soon as we could as it was traumatising for me. I hate seeing them like that.

There were a few noisy kitties while we were in there. Portia was the cat next door and she made her feelings known about being there. There is a window towards the end of the pen so they can see into the pen next to them. I hope they've made friends with Portia. They've probably just hidden for a week. :(

I came home and was obviously very strong with my stiff upper lip and was able to go about my business as before.

Yeah right. I cried my little eyes out for about an hour. My poor babies. I'm getting upset just thinking about it.

So we did what any grown up should do when faced with such traumatic times. We went out for dinner.

Ok, so we do this every year. We go to Frankie and Benny's for a naughty meal before our holiday. The diet-break starts early!

Frankie's is the closest place to go to eat to where we live that's not a student pizza place or fish and chip shop.

We enjoyed a nice dinner. Paul had a meaty calzone and I had some bbq chicken kebabs. We then promptly shared each dinner! We're good like that!

We also shared pudding.

Mmmmmmm cheesecake!

Not content with the cheesecake making the prospect of going home any was  time for a cosmo.

That helped!

Then home. My horrible cold and empty house. :( Early sleep needed as an early start beckoned.

No Maia to cuddle me to sleep. :( No Barney to wake me at 3am wanting cuddles. While I should appreciate this, I miss his purrs. The only time he purrs.

:( :( :(

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