Tuesday, 23 July 2013

15/07/2013 - Well...I'm back.

Monday morning means it's time to go back to work. This sucks. As soon as you're back in work it feels like years since you were on holiday!

We knew it would be a difficult get up this morning, so we missed the gym and instead went straight to work.

I was super efficient this morning. I actually surprised myself! I managed to get loads done, so I really must have been slacking before I went away!

It's lovely weather in the UK at the moment. Scorchio. I needed one or two of these today!

At least I was used to it after last week away, right?

Both Paul and I were shattered after work so we skipped Circuit Training as well. We're so bad. We have to ease ourselves back into gymming though. Don't want to pull a muscle.

With our nice healthy dinner, we caught up on some of the TV that we missed whilst we were away then went to sleep. Quiet but needed lazy evening.

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