Monday, 29 July 2013

27/07/2013 - "Look like you like each other!"

A little lie in for us this morning. Well, compared with a normal week day, that is.

We were off to sunny Formby for our pre-wedding shoot, with our wonderful photographer, Lesley Wood!

Our photography was one of the first things we sorted out for the wedding, nearly a year ago I think, so it was really strange to think that we were finally here and doing the pre-wedding shoot. Guess that means we're getting married, huh?!

It took about 45 minutes to get to the beach in Formby where we were meeting Lesley, and then we had to drive again as apparently there are two different parts to the beach and we were at a different place than Lesley was!

The sea is that way. Honest.

Formby Beach is a National Trust site. It has both a forest-y bit as well as the sand dunes and the beach. So we were able to have pictures taken in different areas for different effects!

The shoot went well. I think. I'm sure I'm pulling some hideous faces at certain points as we were running and splashing...I'm also pretty sure I'll have flashed Lesley at some stage as I was wearing a skirt. Ho hum.

Beautiful blue skies and sandy dunes!

We were out for a couple of hours and it was fun! We even had a paddle in the sea and the water was warm! Yes! Here in England the sea wasn't freezing! It was warmer here than it was on holiday!

We celebrated with ice cream and then went our separate ways. Looking forward to seeing the pictures once they are finished!

Paul and I stopped at a nearby pub on the way home for some lunch. Which was nice.

Formby seems like a nice place to live. Expensive. Nice. Maybe one can dream, can't they?!

When we got home we discovered that our wedding venue had sent us loads of information and forms to fill out for them, which then reminded me that we have a wedding coming up soon that everything needs doing for! Instead of packing, I got on with it! Paul had a nap.

I decided to sit in the yard to do my work, as it was slightly cooler out there. Not for long, but for long enough!

I heard noises coming from the open bathroom window next to me...not those sort of noises...and I looked up to discover this!

Maia was walking on the window frame and watching me through the gap! She also wanted to play!

Precious princess!

Not content to be left out, Barney, or 'FOMO' as he is sometimes called (Fear Of Missing Out) got in on the action!

I got some bits done and am quite pleased with my productivity. Paul got up and went and did some shopping, so he was productive too! He also supplied me with drinks and made dinner!

It started to rain quite heavily after dinner so we headed inside and started watching The OC season 2. A fairly relaxing evening.

Oh, and while we were waiting for dinner, two pictures from earlier on appeared on Facebook! So I'll share them with you! These are our sneak-peek and I can't wait to see the rest on Wednesday evening! :)

 Photo © Lesley Wood Photography

 Photo © Lesley Wood Photography

Not bad, eh?

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