Thursday, 1 August 2013

28/07/2013 - Crazy Creative Crafts

Morning came around very quickly this morning. I hate it when that happens. I need sleep, damn it!

So first thing this morning I needed to be productive and go through the wedding bumpf with Paul. I procrastinated a little and put them to one side, as you do. Barney made it clear what he thought of our wedding stuff.

They make a really cozy bed!

I did some blogging which took a while, but if you've read the blog posts that I wrote on Sunday, you'll understand why!

After writing these for a while, we decided to get up and get stuff done. After reading through the wedding stuff we remembered some of the stuff we need to do, so we had a trip to make:

 Ah, Hobbycraft. How much money we have spent in you for this damn wedding!

All this craft-y goodness under one roof. It's a maze of madness!

We got the few bits that we needed for table plans and stuff, paid less than I thought it was going to be for them, then headed back home to catch the end of the Grand Prix!

I blogged some more and tried to relax but had a lot going through my head.

We had dinner and watched some more TV then went to bed, ready for an early start and the gym.

Not the most eventful of days, but could have been worse.

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