Friday, 2 August 2013

01/08/2013 - It's the First of August. Sh!t.

The title  is exactly what my first thought was this morning. It's now August. We get married next month.


Due to my stupid back being stupid, no gym for me this morning. Instead I stayed in bed til 7:10am! EEP! That's one heck of a lie in for me!

I walked to work in the hopes that it would loosen up my back a little. It did. But I also realised that this morning was the first morning that my back actually hurt. Real pain. I don't like it.

I managed to get through a day in the office. Just about. It wasn't pleasant and my back got progressively more painful as the day went on. Paul came to meet me to walk me home and it was difficult.

Barney knows all about difficult...

It's tough playing with a ball of paper. I'm sure you'll agree.

Instead of being lazy, I headed to my outdoor office, armed with my laptop and made some more place cards (and caught up on a few blogs as well!) for a few hours!

My Amazon box of tricks and my trusty laptop are all I need for an evening's entertainment!

I managed to get the top table done and almost ready to go! I'm pleased with my handiwork and was done by 9pm, even after stopping for 45 minutes to have dinner and watch the latest Franklin and Bash!

It was now time for bed, and as it had been a very warm day here, we decided that tonight wasn't a duvet night, it's a sheet night.

Of course, when you put the sheet on the bed, you get a visit from the most vicious beast that ever did live.

The Sheet Monster.

The savage creature that foils your every plot to get a nice smooth sheet.

Can you see it lurking in the depths?

Scary beast as it is, it squeaked if you accidentally poked it's behind. But we could not get it to leave!

Funny, we could find Barney whilst battling with the Sheet Monster. We think he'd have sorted it out in no time at all!

Maia had no interest in combatting The Monster. She sat watching us play fight with it. Rubbish.

Maia pics soon, I promise. I realise these are very Barney-heavy posts recently. Maia's turned camera shy!

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