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10/08/2013 - Hen Do Day 2!

This is a picture heavy post and might get a little boring for you but this is my blog, and gosh darn it, I'm going to write about my hen do! 

So we awoke at a fairly decent time the next morning, which was a relief! I was worried that I'd sleep really late due to the lack of Barney stompage that would be had, but thankfully, Sue is a sleep talker, so I was in my comfort zone for waking up a few times in the night. Sorry Sue! :)

This was the view from our room!

Yup - we had little sheepy neighbours. They were very loud and stared at us a lot. Which is quite un-nerving!

We had a nice healthy breakfast of apple porridge with natural yogurt and it was delicious. Then Katie and Lucy took Sue to pick up her car and drop it off at the village we'd be walking to once they got back.

So Koran and I chilled out.

We had a spot of tea, and used the red milk that Lucy brought especially (even though I only have red milk at work...I have green milk at home...don't know where she got the red milk thing from...anyway)...

We were waiting a LONG time. We had no idea where they all were! So much so that we got a little nippy and so got the blankets out!

These blankets were goooood! So cozy!

I think we were waiting for a good couple of hours before they eventually returned. With goodies.

So whilst they were gone to places unknown, they decided that instead of the 7 mile hike that Lucy had planned, we'd do a shorter one and instead have some lunch instead. And they found a local cheese shop to buy said lunch from!

Possibly not the healthiest of lunches, but it was pretty delish!

 This was the inside of those pies. They were pork pies with chicken in them, with a herby cheesy top. They were amazing.

From there, we suited up and headed back into the village to go for a walk!

Koran is such a hottie in her £3 Primark mac and leopard print wellies! She thought we were mocking her, but seriously, I think she looks cute!

We headed into Cartmel and decided to have a walk by the river.

 Ducks on the river.

We hit a snag. The field was flooded and so we couldn't get much further down the river walk that we had planned!

See, Koko?! You're the only one that can paddle! We're jealous of your wellies!

We could go no naturally we posed for pictures before we moved on.

Shattered from our 5 minute long laborious walk!

No idea why we're all touching our chins. But see how high we are up our hill...yeah.

Then we headed back!

I don't think I mentioned it earlier but prior to walking along the river, I was given a tiara to wear. Just in case people were not sure that I was the bride to be.

It reminded me of this scene in Big Bang Theory:

I don't think anyone else had seen this ep of Big Bang Theory though, so when I said "I'm a princess and this is my tiara" and got NOTHING.

Yup - I'm a princess. This is my tiara. In a wonderful selfie!

We headed past some local shops, and it would have been rude not to stop in and check out their wares. Especially the one with the big sign outside that said they offered gin tasting!

It was enough to put hairs on your chest! And I really should have put make up on and done my hair. MEH!

We headed to the main road, thinking that there would be a sign somewhere there that would take us on a little walk somewhere.


We stopped as far as the pavement would take us to regroup.

By regroup I mean check facebook / text work / try to locate ourselves on GPS and find a walk!

It didn't work. Dejected, we headed back into the village. And walked to a pub. We had to walk somewhere!

 Enjoying the sunshine. It was quite nice, I have to say!

The sharing of cat videos. Can't go wrong with a good cat video!

 I hadn't noticed that bbq/oven thing while we were there. Only just noticed it now!

Katie had her hiking bag full of tricks, and I think that Koran quite enjoyed looking for some further accessories to go with her poncho/welly combo!

 She's hot stuff, no?!

 After a couple of beverages, we went back to the cottage and the plan was to have some snacks outside in the garden while the weather was so nice! Good plan, I think!

This was the main garden, and we sat on the higher part, to the left of the picture. Which wasn't as flat as the main bit but offered better views over the fells.

Yup - this is the life. Just beautiful.

Still a princess in my tiara...complete with fizz this time. Not sure the glasses quite work with my new accessory!

So yeah - we all sat and relaxed and chatted. Mostly about Koran's work in Intensive Care at the local hospital. She's a good person who helps the really sick. Not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination!

 We were all pretty much enthralled by some of her tales. Makes our jobs just so mundane when you hear what she has to deal with. The NHS is lucky to have her, I think!

 My attempt at an arty picture. Not bad, eh?

 This is the camera that most of these pics came from. It's Lucy's, but I liked borrowing it a LOT as it's brilliant! I'm not used to having such a good camera so it was fun to take pictures with!

That's also my g&t and pint of hot water next to it. I was dehydrating and hydrating at the same time. Clever, no?

 Another one of mine. How gorgeous is the sky?! I think I could be quite a good photographer if I wanted to be...and had the funds for a decent camera!

Once those clouds headed in, it started getting a bit chillier, so Sue went and got us some blankets so we could stay out longer. I do love the fresh air!

Lucy then came out with bags of goodies!

I love Katie's face in that one! She's happy with her bottle of fizz!

 Inside the bags were lots of little nibbly goodies, books, face masks, hair bands and another wrapped up parcel...

We had printed vest tops! Which had a brown luggage tag on them which said "Miss Hartley's Hen Do Aug '13"!

 I'm looking at the back of mine for this reason:

Each one had something printed on the back - how they know me!

Mine said "I'm the one they're all here for!"
Katie's said: "I'm the best woman!"
Koran's said: "We read books together!" (Koran and I did the same course at Uni.)
Lucy's said: "We spent Christmas together!" Not, 'I'm the Maid of Honour' or anything like that! DOH!
Sue's said: "We lived together!"

Yours was here too, Annabel!

I think hers said "I married her brother!" but as I haven't seen it yet, I don't know! You best wear it, sis!

Oh yeah, there were also bubbles in the bags!

 Whilst we were chatting outside, dinner was being prepared sporadically inside, and pretty soon it was ready to take the party back indoors!

Dinner was a nice chicken salad, with the rest of the cheese, some freshly baked Sourdough and other bits and bobs! It was delicious!

Another of my goodie bag accessories:

BARNEY SOCKS! Everyone got a pair of socks with cats on of some description! I LOVE THEM! My favourite socks ever!

After dinner it was time to change into our pajamas (and new vests) for the next part of my hen do - the pajama party! Complete with games!


Not a flattering angle, bit you get the jist!

I had 8 envelopes in another bag, with games contained within. I'm not going to share all the games as they get a bit rude, and we didn't take pictures of them all!

The first game, however, was for them to be blindfolded and put make up on me. Hmmmmm...


Want to see the finished product?

 OH YEEEEEAAAAAH. I'm gorgeous! I think I need to cancel my make up lady for the wedding day and book those 4!

Then time for pudding! YEAH!

Champagne raspberry jelly with strawberries and raspberries. DELISH!

Me, all fresh faced (which I now feel was a mistake. I should have kept that shit on all night!) with my jelly! Literally, my jelly! It's Hartley's! At least, it's mine for another few weeks!

Next game was the toilet paper wedding dress game. After all my dress dramas, I figure this would be a breeze, right?

Yep. No more pictures. The bottom fell off when I had a bit of a boogie. Disappointing.

Then the next game was 'popping my cherry'. Aherm.

That's a dish full of shaving cream and some cherries are being put in...

I made Lucy do the meringue test...she passed. I bet it would have fallen on me!

Then came the cherry bobbing!

Katie had the best technique of us all I think!

I think I'm pleased with myself!

I love this picture of Koran. I don't know why!

Lucy got the last one! Which may or may not have been hidden well to make it more of a challenge. And by the looks of how clean she is, it wasn't so much of a challenge after all.

We then retired to the lounge for the next few games.

 Oh yes, the blankets make another appearance! What's a pajama party without blankies?!

There were more games which don't photograph as well as the previous few.

I picked out one which was "Mr & Mrs" quiz. Which had a dvd in it.

And there was Paul. Videoed. On the tv in front of me.

 I think everyone's reaction says it all.

And from there, there was one more game which is so obscene I will not be putting in on the internet as I don't think anyone will thank me. Plus when I become an international superstar (hahahahaha...a girl can dream) then I don't want the incriminating evidence there.

Well, I'll give you a little teaser. The game made Koran do this:

Excuse my blurry camera work. The picture as a whole is HILARIOUS.

And the game made me do this:

Not so funny, unless you can see the bit that's cropped out!

From there, we chatted a little longer, and then the girls headed to bed. Lucy and I tidied up some more and chatted some more. And then we realised it as 2:45am...time for beddybyes!

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