Thursday, 29 August 2013

21/08/2013 - Wednesday. Yep - I can't be more original than that!

It's Wednesday so we get a lie in today! Whoop! Not that we haven't had a lie in every morning this week so far. Aherm.

Anyway, nothing exciting of any note happened today. I carried on filing and sorting files and punching holes in pieces of paper!

Nope. I got nothing!

After work I went home and tidied up a bit as Chris was coming over, as always, for some #Whedonsday action! Always a high point to Wednesday!

We watched some Dollhouse and drank some beer! I decided to complete a wedding task and made some more decoration for the venue whilst watching tv. Talk about multi-tasking!

I'm not 100% finished with them yet I think. They need something else, which is why I haven't got a picture of them to show you.

Instead, here's Barney. Looking rather chunky.

Please excuse the mess. This is before we tidied up!

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