Thursday, 22 August 2013

16/08/2013 - Naughty treats!

Another morning, another date with the gym. It's a good job I like it there!

Same old same old in the office as well. Me and the hole punch continued to get to know each other and form a bond that cannot be broken. Except when he spills the little circles everywhere. That's when we have a tiff.

I made it through the date unscathed, for once, and headed home for a nice relaxing evening in with Paul.

We were very well behaved for dinner...and didn't have any booze at all.

Yeah. We can't be that angelic. You know us, or at least you should by now!

So we have to be slightly naughty, and what better option than a scone?!

This was DELICIOUS. All that sinful clotted cream...MMMMM.

And after a wee break, we went to bed. Very early! Much sleep needed, so why not?!

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