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11/08/2013 - Hen Do Day 3!

It was Sunday morning in The Lake District. I had had a very late night. I woke up at 6am with a headache so bad I thought my eyes would pop out.

I hadn't drunk that much, but I had drunk lots of different things, and I think that's what had done it. It wasn't a migraine or cluster headache - just a regular skull-crunching headache.

I went to the kitchen, very stealthily and took some pain killers, then went back to bed for a couple of hours.

I woke up when Sue got up to go for a shower. Sadly, she wasn't able to spend Sunday with us as she had to drive back down to Winchester, which would take a bloomin' long time!

I got up and showered after she did, then headed downstairs for breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon. It was very nice too. Lucy blamed my headache on the half glass of red wine that I had had the night before. I too blamed the red wine...but only in conjunction with the white wine, gin and prosecco that it had been mixed up with!

We bid Sue a massive goodbye. She has a crazy few weeks coming up, mostly moving to Zurich! Madness! She'll be back for the wedding though, so at least she's not going away and never coming back again!

After Sue left, we got our stuff together and headed to the car. I had no idea where we were going.

We ended up in Bowness on Windermere.

Yeah, I think I spoil that one slightly.

There were crazy amounts of swans, geese and ducks hanging around. A little later, a load of children were running around and chasing after them. DO THEY NOT KNOW SWANS CAN BREAK YOUR ARM OR KILL YOU?! What's worse is that their parents were LETTING THEM.

Aherm. Idiots.

Anyway. I had no idea what the plan was. Lucy disappeared and then came back with a big question: Would I like to go on a 'cruise tour' of Lake Windermere, or would I like to hire a motor boat?

Honestly, I didn't know. So I let the others choose. They chose the motor boat, so we headed for the 'dock'!

 YEAH! We get to be captain for the day. Well...the hour at least!

Our boat was called Helen and we had all the safety talks before getting in the boat and heading away.

Captain Koran took the helm first!

It's a little rainy at this point.

 Yep - I'm rocking that life jacket! My best model pose!

See ya, dry land! For one whole hour, we are masters of the Sea!

Yep, we love our Captain!

The boat went slower than walking pace. Seriously, I think I could have swam faster than the boat. And I can't swim well! But still, it was fun!

Posh sailing yachts in the distance. And also BLUE SKY!

Preferring to stay behind the camera, due to my not feeling too hot, I took a few pics!

 Our best girls!

A little house I wouldn't mind living in!

Ranger! He didn't wave back, so we don't like him.

 One of the privately owned islands on the Lake. It was so cute. We think it might have also been called Hartley's Wife...which is kinda appropriate!

 Lucy doing her catalogue pose!

Captain Koran poses well. It suits her!

I gave the camera back and then it was my turn to captain the ship.

Yeah. I didn't like it! I didn't like the responsibility! I lasted about 5 minutes (if that!) and relinquished control to Katie! I took control of the camera again. Something I felt very confident about handling, unlike the boat and the responsibility for all our lives!

Koran was probably tweeting to say how her life had been in danger by a maniac of a boat driver...or something.

 Pretty view of the back of our boat, the yachts and the fells!

Unflattering selfie!

 After our hour was up, we took a walk around the lake a little, mostly to find a cashpoint for Lucy. We also had ice cream, and bought some nice tacky presents to remember the weekend by. You know how I love my tat!

On our way back to the car park we saw an Owl protection charity with some owls to raise money.

There were some cute ones and teeny tiny ones. And also, there was Oscar.

I love this guy. Those eyes! He's really intimidating and kept staring at me! Maybe he knows the camera loves him?!

We left Bowness and headed back to the cottage to get changed and pack up. Except I hadn't really been told to bring a change of clothes. So I changed out of my hiking trousers into jeans and put pumps on rather than hiking boots. I had no idea what to expect!

We were going for afternoon tea. No idea where but I'll go with that!

We were driving for a while, and ended up at Linthwaite Country House Hotel in Windemere!

Lucy went on ahead and we followed.

 What made Katie laugh like that?

 What made me pull this unattractive fat face?

 These two.

Also known as Mummy and Daddy Hartley wearing masks of mine and Paul's face.


Apparently Lucy had requested a different table but they didn't reserve it for us so we didn't get it.

Never mind, we had a good window seat all the same!

I think I'm texting Paul to tell him that my Mum and Dad had turned up to my hen do.

The view from our window. Pretty!

So we were having a champagne afternoon tea, complete with some sort of pear thing...

Not exactly sure what it was, but it was nice!

 So were these! Some yummy cakes!

We also had sandwiches (complete with crusts cut off) and tea.

It was all very civilised and nice!

Me with my Mum and Dad. And the view. I love the view!

From there, Katie left for her long drive back down to London, and Ma and Pa drove us back to Lucy's house then she drove Koran and I back to Liverpool.

I got home (with leftover cakes!) at about 8pm.

Exhausted doesn't quite cover exactly how I felt to be honest!

Paul and I had a glass of wine and then went to bed. I had missed him loads, but I was sooooo tired!

The kitties were pleased to see me! For all of 5 minutes, then it was like I hadn't been away.

Ho Hum. Back to reality tomorrow!

Sorry for all the pics, but this is my diary so I want to remember it all! :)

I had a wonderful weekend! It was fun and exactly what I needed to get away from all the wedding stress and just relax in my favourite place in the world (so far)!

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