Thursday, 1 August 2013

29/07/2013 - Parental Visit part 2!

 Yes, we got up early and yes we went to the gym. Nothing new here!

Back to work for another Monday of madness. I'm really busy at the minute, so work doesn't fill me with much joy, but I had to do it so do it I did.

I went home at lunch time to get a bit of tidying up done, as for the second time in just over a week, my parents were coming to visit!

Mum had taken in her outfit to have alterations done, as I mentioned the other Sunday. They were done pretty quickly, so she came up to get the outfit, and as the shop is only round the corner from my house, they decided to come for dinner as well!

They arrived early, while I was still in work. Luckily Paul was in and able to entertain them and cook a nice healthy curry. No lie - it's a diet curry and very nice.

Mum and Dad also came with gifts in tow.

Yes. This is a box full of corks. They're for the wedding and are vital in the grand design of the day! Intriguing, no?

They also gave me this:

Who am I to say no to a bottle of Prosecco?! It hasn't been enjoyed as yet but I'm sure looking forward to it!

After a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, Mum and Dad (who hadn't had a couple of glasses of wine - he was driving) left for the long journey back to the Midlands. We almost immediately started watching True Blood. That's not something you watch with your parents. Unless your parents are really cool!

I was pretty knackered, so after watching that it was time for beddybyes for me.

Meh - early nights are big and clever. Honest.

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