Monday, 12 August 2013

07/08/2013 - One Month to Go. EEEEEEK!

Yep - the title says it all! It's Wednesday 7th August 2013 and it's exactly one month until our wedding.

See the below picture. I managed to snap it to the second.

How gorgeous is that bouquet, by the way?!

So yeah. Loads to do and so little time to do it in!

So no gym today as it's a Wednesday so a nice little lie in was on the cards then to work!

Again, another day of same old same old for me in the office. Nothing exciting or new I'm afraid.

I got home and found another wedding delivery had arrived.


I ordered these on Ebay over a week ago and I actually opened an enquiry as to where they were as they were only supposed to take 4 days to get to me. They took over double that.

Still - they're here. I just hope it's not water in there!

Chris came round for #Whedonsday! It's been a while as Chris was travelling around Canada and enjoying the beautiful scenery! Who can blame him? My house or the mountains? DUH!

For dinner we had sausage and ale casserole. Then we were naughty. We had pudding. Well. A little tart, if you will...

A cherry bakewell tart, if you're asking.



  1. that bouquet is quite beautiful! I love that you got it down to the second ;)

    a co-worker got married a year ago and had bubbles at her wedding. I grabbed a couple of bottles and randomly I blow bubbles at work.. it amuses me

  2. Barney loves bubbles! I hope there are loads left over from our wedding to torment/play with!