Tuesday, 20 August 2013

14/08/2013 - It's getting close!

Another lie in this morning. Because it's Wednesday and no matter how hard we try, the gym just does not open before 9.30am!

No big deal!

So I headed to work, then left for an early lunch at 11:51am. I have an appointment to keep!

Yes, as mentioned yesterday, it's my second and final wedding dress fitting! EEKS! SO I got the train to town to meet Lucy for some moral support! Paul came into town with me, but went suit shopping while I was being poked, prodded and forcibly added to a wedding dress!

This is Williamson Square in Liverpool. The old-looking building at the back of the pic is the Playhouse Theatre, and in the middle is a fountain which (I think) was unveiled as part of Liverpool 08 when we were capital of culture. Of course, it could have been before then. I've been here a while.

Anyway, that's the view from outside my bridal shop. And this was the cause of much distraction for A, Lucy's daughter, who also joined us for my dress fitting!

The dress shop is above a bookie. Because what better place for a bridal store?!

Anyway, the fitting went well. A (who's 2 1/2) didn't say I looked hideous, so that's good! Lucy learnt how to straighten my frock correctly and to bustle the train so it looks pretty; I paid up and we were good! I can sit in it, and I can walk in it. There's nothing else I really need to do!

I'm not in love with my wedding dress. I'm putting it out there. Any brides reading this who haven't got their dress yet, DON'T WAIT. Seriously. Keep shopping until you find one you love. Start as soon as you can. I am satisfied with it, but I think if I had started earlier I would have found something that would have blown me away. Ho Hum. Not the end of the world. At least if I spill on it, I won't give a crap, right?!

Anyway, while I was being manhandled by the seamstress, Paul was looking for a suit to wear to a wedding on Sunday. You see, he's lost a bucketload of weight and everything he owns is too big! Yes, we have a wedding coming, but a budget suit is a good investment right now! Better to be slightly poorer but look better, yes?!

This isn't the suit. It's one that I can see a picture of though. so you can see he was shopping. Apparently it's a very nice suit. If it's still there when we're a bit richer, I bet Paul buys it.

While we were in the dress shop, A was fascinated by the fountain. She nearly fell through a window watching it. Ooops. We closed the window and good old Auntie Caz said she'd take A through the fountain.

So, after the fitting I did.

Paul missed the moment we went through. Only us walking back. A didn't want to walk about through it. It was cold and wet. She was using the words we were using at her to try to stop her wanting to go through it in the first place!

 She wasn't even wet. My legs were soaked.

I had to get back to work and got through the rest of the day with no problems. I only needed to make up half an hour so I stayed late to get that done.

I then called Mum and Dad (who isn't well - send good vibes to him) and chatted to them for a while.

Then...I can't remember. #Whedonsday was cancelled due to Chris playing host, so we must have just watched TV. I don't remember!

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