Thursday, 8 August 2013

03/08/2013 - More Hard Work!

A nice little lie in was enjoyed this morning. Which was great! It was my intention to rest a lot today to give my back some time to recover from the pain. I guess I kinda stuck to it!

Maia joined me for a cuddle on my chest. Which was lovely, except she's moulting a LOT at the moment. I had more hair on my chest than Paul when she eventually jumped off!

We decided to have a lazy morning and discuss all the wedding bumpf that we had been sent to fill in. You know, the stuff that we were going to look at last week and kinda didn't do?

Included within that bumpf (it's my new favourite word!) is the allocation of tables and where we want people to sit! I've already spoke about how we organised our tables, but where the tables go in the room was another kettle of fish altogether!

We tried to do it on paper and it was messy. There was only one way for it. We were going to have to go into our map! Sorry - Friends reference there. We needed to physically make the tables and then decide where they go.

So out came the papers plates. And out came Barney to help!

 He is NOT happy that we have put that table there.

That's where Barney would sit if he could. With his eyes on the cake table (the mug box that isn't a paper plate!)

The plates made it a lot easier. I recommend this method. I just hope we interpreted the table descriptions accurately as to where they are! We could be in for a surprise!

After all those fun and games, Paul went shopping and I headed into the yard office for some more place card making shenanigans! I was there a loooooooong time!

It was a nice evening so I got a good few of them done, which I'm really pleased about. I got more creative as the evening went along...probably assisted by the drop or two of gun which I consumed.

Ok, it was more like 3-4 drops.

It went dark while we were outside, so we lit some candles in the lanterns that I have hanging from the ceiling. They haven't been used in years but I like them!

It ended up being a late night. I blame the gin. :)

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