Monday, 12 August 2013

05/08/2013 - Posh Nosh

It's Monday. And I went to the gym. That's right, after my back troubles ruined everything last week it was time to get back into the habit!

It hadn't been feeling bad, so I thought I'd give it a go, and I did ok. I used the weight machines and concentrated on my arms, and it didn't hurt! Well, maybe a tiny bit, but I lifted lighter than I usually would and I actually think that the stretching that I had to do with the weights helped loosen my back a little! So it's a win!

Then, to work. Colleague A is on holiday this week so I'm in charge! Mwahahaha! Our systems were down for hours, which was a pain, especially after Friday, but we got stuff done and I was able to leave at 4 without a problem.

Why 4, I hear you ask in shock and curiosity?

We were going to Up Holland to taste our wedding menu!

We were very excited and  looking forward to seeing what we would get. We didn't know how much we would get to sample, but just that it was the main meat option.

When we got to the kitchens, we were ushered into what looked like a conference room for a chat with one of the catering people to discuss our requirements and timings etc.

See what I mean about a conference room? Complete with wheelie chairs and cheap laminate flooring!

So once our discussion had been had, they brought out some food!

Caution, Wedding guests. You are about to witness the scran for our shindig. If you wish to stay blissfully ignorant, finish reading now. If, however, you're curious and fancy seeing if you need to buy your outfit in the size bigger, keep on scrolling down.

Whilst we wait for the people who want to remain pure and unspoilered, here's a picture of our placemat.

Are they gone?


Be aware, folks, this is a food pr0n heavy post. It may make you hungry. It certainly did for me!


Braised belly port with apple and sage compote & Cod and Chive fishcake.

This was amazing. I'm not a massive fish fan, but belly pork is one of my favourites. As these came as a pair, I figured that this is a good compromise to myself.

We shared this between the two of us, but on the day we get that exact plate to ourselves. Yes - two starters.

I loved it. Paul loved it. No complaints!


Moving on.

Main Course.

Braised shin of Bowland Beef, rich red wine gravy, crisp bacon, thyme mash, glazed root vegetables and a fine bean parcel.

We were expecting more of a stew type meal...but were not disappointed.

This was delicious. The gravy The meat fell apart and was slightly pink. The combination of flavours was just fantastic.

 Paul isn't one to waste good gravy!

The only complaint that we had was that the bacon wasn't crispy enough for our liking. Which was fine and will be rectified!

Again, we shared the main course but will have a whole one on the day. Excellent!



Trio of Desserts: Lemon Syllabub, Crème Brûlée and Vanilla Cheesecake.

Oh. My. Goddess. What can I say. Please note Paul's be-spooned hand in the top left of the picture!

The Syllabub is basically a lemon mousse. It was tangy and creamy. Just delicious.

The Crème Brûlée...ahhhhhhh...I LOVED IT! The top was crispy and the inside was smooth and creamy and amazing. I was in heaven.

The cheesecake was also lovely. Paul would like a crispier base. I guess he likes things crispy.

Yes, we get one of each of these puds as our dessert. They come as a whole. I expect much inter-table trading of items and I encourage it!

We were so pleased with what we chose. Everything tasted amazing! I hope that they can do this en-masse to the same standard. If they can, then we will be over the moon with the wedding breakfast. We are paying A LOT of money for the catering. Serious pounds. The catering is the most expensive part of our wedding without a doubt. If they get it to this standard (with the little amendments which we have suggested) then it will be worth every penny to us.

So if you are coming to our wedding YOU HAVE TO EAT EVERYTHING AND LICK THE PLATE CLEAN.


The rest of the evening went by without a hitch. We came home, watched True Blood and chatted. I typed up the menu ready for printing and we felt like today was a success.

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