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09/08/2013 - Hen Do Day 1!

Another early start for me! We made it to the gym and did a good work out and was home before 7am! Perfect!

From there, I got ready and headed for the office for half a day in work.

It flew by. I wish every day went that quick. Or maybe it does and it's the afternoon that drags. Who knows?!

Anyway, I went home and waiting for the arrival of Katie, our best woman and Koran, my wardrobe advisor and also our reader, and then we went on a road trip to the Lakes!

Yes - it's that time. Time for my hen do! The wedding is officially almost upon us, so it's time for the Oestrogen-filled fun to begin! Except that I didn't want a typical hen do. Because the idea of getting dressed up in costume, wearing a tacky veil and drinking my drink through a phallic straw has no appeal to me whatsoever. We were headed to The Lake District, and that's all I knew! How much trouble could we get into in sleepy little quaint villages?

Look! A sheep! We would be seeing many of those.

With one quick stop on the way up, we got to the Lakes in pretty good time. However, once we got there, it turns out that the SatNav's idea of 'there' and the actual 'there' were two different places indeed.


We called Lucy, my chief bridesmaid and organiser of this shindig, and she was getting directions from the owner of the cottage, which we followed.

And couldn't find the place.

Eventually, the lady that owned the cottage came and found us and got us to the correct place. That right she had told us to take was actually a left.


Anyway, we made it and we headed into the cottage.

That's an attractive face I'm pulling, no? Want to know why? This was my view as I entered the cottage.

That's a cardboard cut out. Of me. As a very young child.

Just in case you wanted a closer look:

Yeah. I was cute once. Lucy's excuse was that she knew I wouldn't wear all the paraphernalia so she'd get a cut out of me to wear it. GREAT.

Just so you get an idea of the size:

Lucy is 4'11". She's only bending slightly.


I liked that Toronto Blue Jays hat though. And I'm pretty sure my Mum still has that T shirt somewhere.


Not long after we rocked up, Sue did, having had no problem at all finding the cottage! So all were present and correct.

Sadly my sister-in-law couldn't come because she was poorly. Due to the fact that SHE IS HAVING A BAYBEEEEEE! :D :D :D So she was sorely missed, however YAY! Besides, I had to leave her hen do early due to illness last year, so I will let her off! She's been very poorly so needs to be at home and looked after by my bro.

So we were all there and ready to get the party started. So, what would be more appropriate than tea and cake?!

Not just any cake:


I wanted a vanilla one but no one else would eat the one with my name on it, so I had to have that one. I managed to share with Lucy though, so I got a bit of both, which is probably the best deal!

From there, we found our rooms and started to get ready for a meal out! I went to the main bedroom and found this:

An inflatable chap, rose petals and balloons! Let me tell you, those petals get EVERYWHERE!

Sue was the lucky lady sharing with me, as I had with her on her hen do (I think people are scared to share with us...I don't know why!) so we had a good natter whilst getting changed!

Then time to get the party started!

My kind of party! :)

Sue, complete with glass of fizz!

Koran, and fizz!

Best-Woman Katie...and fizz!

Maid of Honour (and Secret Keeper) Lucy...and her fizz!

After polishing that off, we all got to the car and headed to a nearby pub, The Masons' Arms.

We stopped on the way there to check out the amazing view.

I'm sorry, but HOW FRIKKIN' GORGEOUS IS THIS COUNTRY?! I could look at this for hours. However I wasn't allowed to, as we had a reservation.

We were a little early so decided to have a cheeky beverage outside while we waited.


There was a lot of whispering and hush hush so I knew there was some sort of secret planned so decided that instead of trying to find out what it was, I would just let it be and ignore it! Far easier to pretend there's nothing going on!

We were ushered up the stairs and it was all a bit ominous. We were lead to a room just off the main dining hall. Our own private dining room!


It even had a curtain that closed and hid us from the rest of the restaurant area...which was probably needed as we did get a little loud!

Oh, and just in case you were curious...

This was the view from the private dining room!

Lucy told me then that we could all pick our own starters but we were all going to have the same main course. Okay. That made looking at the menu pretty pointless.

So for starters everyone (but me) had Deep fried Smoked Brie!

 How amazing does that look?! Well, it was amazing. I had a tiny bit and it was lush. I had olives. I didn't want to fill up before the main course.

The surprise was foiled when the waitress came over and said "So I understand you're all having the same main course of the sausages and mash..." and tailed off when she noticed Lucy frantically trying to get her to shut up!

I was elated. This is what I would have picked off the menu, however, it was tailored to me and it was sweet potato mash and green beans. Also known as my favourite meal!

Didn't matter that she spoiled the surprise! I was so excited!

 Doesn't this look amazing?! Let me tell you, it really was!

That's how happy I was!  :D

 I am ashamed to say that I couldn't finish it. There was so much yumminess that I couldn't fit it all in my belly! I wish I could have had a doggy bag so I could have finished it at home. Alas.

Everyone then scoured the dessert menu, but I knew I didn't have any room. :( Lucy was the same so instead of a pudding, we had dessert wine. Koran and Sue had sweet treats and Katie had a cheese board...which was massive!

It was lovely. We all picked at it a little!

 Lucy and I were trying to be classy birds with our dessert wine. I don't think we quite pulled it off. Meh. It was nice!

After another quick drink outside whilst waiting for our taxi, we headed back to the cottage for a natter then bed.

I helped Lucy tidy up a little and prepare some of breakfast for the morning, then we went to sleep too!

Successful day 1.

Stay tuned for day 2. Where there will be more pictures I am sure...

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