Monday, 12 August 2013

06/08/2013 - It's a Bug's Life

It's Tuesday morning and yet again I went to the gym. I did a kinesis circuit today so still fairly light on my back. The exercise is definitely helping it improve. I'm really pleased.

Then to work, where it was the same old same old. Can't really complain but it's all a bit dull.

I received this picture whilst I was at work today. It made me smile.

Someone has decorated their Beetle as a Ladybird. With daisy wheels.

Someone actually drives this car and chose to have it done.

Only in Liverpool. #Sigh.

After work I came home and got straight to work on the place cards. This was the only night this week that I would get to do this, so had to concentrate. I had a tough table. Found it really difficult to think of ideas so it took longer than usual.

I noticed a new friend while I was crafting. I'd like you to meet our new pet Sid.

He's got long legs and an interesting (and pretty hideous) body. A bit like a woodlouse.

Yes, there's another spider's carcass underneath him. He's one tough cookie, our Sid.

Neither cat wants to be his friend though...which is a shame...

I got my table done and was going to do some more, but it was getting late  so Paul persuaded me to head to bed like a good little soldier.

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  1. I love the bug!! I love the daisy tires too.. wonder if those would fit on my Eos..