Thursday, 8 August 2013

02/08/2013 - More ouchies!

Still no gym this morning. I figured that was probably a good idea with my back still being sore. I don't like it. I'm not used to having to think of other ways to start my daily posts!

I came to work nice and early to get a good start on the day. HA!

 57 tasks. Manageable. Most of those tasks were simple and I could easily get those done in the morning!

I went to make myself a nice honey and lemon to start the day at my desk when I accidentally decided that I didn't need my little finger any more and made a valid effort in cutting it off.

 Sorry if you're squeamish or are offended by chipped nail polish.

It would not stop bleeding. It flaming hurt as well. Probably because it was a good slice into the finger and also the knife had been cutting a lemon at the same time! At least I knew that it would clean the wound, I guess. BUT OUCH!

I manned up, put a nice big plaster over it (which would be replaced twice in the work day alone) and got on with my tasks. Until the computer system stopped working. We were asked to log out for about 20 minutes but we would get a phone call to confirm when we could log back in.

After 3 hours we didn't hear a thing. Seriously. 3 hours. So we rebelled and logged back in any way. Crazy, huh?!

No-one told us off so we carried on. Bear in mind that by this point it was 3:50pm!

I then got asked to take a picture of colleague A for the firm's website. He really hates having his picture taken so I sent a few 'glamour' shots before the serious one.

I have protected his identity in this pic. You might guess.

It's a good look, huh?!

After work I went home and headed straight for my yard office to get on with more place cards for the wedding. It's pretty much my life now. I'm quite enjoying it though, so can't grumble!

I was joined by a very beautiful creature.

My gorgeous girl! She loves that chair! It's like a hammock for her!

I took a dinner break and Paul joined me so we turned the office into the dining room!

A mountain of food for us tonight! Chilli con Carne with crushed chilli nachos, a sprinkling of cheese and a dollop of sour cream. Naughty but nice!

All home made and all delicious.

After I had finished my place cards for the evening we came inside to see what was on tv. The answer: Nothing. We watched Continuum that we had recorded and then were at a loss.

There was only one thing for it:

Oh yes. Debbie Gibson as a scientist. Who wouldn't want to watch it?!

I, however, started nodding off, so we paused it and headed to bed. I still haven't seen the end. Oops. The shark is my favourite, though.

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  1. no matter what you do, do NOT self amputate.. it never ends well