Friday, 2 August 2013

30/07/2013 - A little snag...

We headed off to the gym this morning, as usual. Nothing exciting there. I went on the step machine, the arm bike and the leg bike. All very dull and all extremely tiring!

I came home, got ready and went to work. Nothing new there either.

Except while I was at work my back started to feel a little stiff. Which got worse throughout the day.

By the end of the day I could barely walk, my back was rock solid. Not painful, but it just wouldn't move.


I came home and made it into the yard, which is where I stayed, sat in one of the upright chairs we have there, making the place cards for the wedding. I think they're coming along quite nicely. Despite the pain!

Oh, I can't remember if I mentioned that Mum brought some of our hessian back after taking what she needs for one of her projects. Well, I think we've found a fan of it...

 It's hard being a Barney.

Oh, and notice the discarded bed in the box by my shoes. I think the hessian is a bigger hit as a resting place!

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