Sunday, 28 July 2013

25/07/2013 - It's hard being a Barney

We got up and went to the gym. A regular opening for a post here, isn't it?

Today I did 10 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the wave machine and...I don't actually remember what else!

We came home to a rather warm Barney.

I was sympathetic. I was rather warm too.

Another day in work. A busy day. Tried to get loads done and got some stuff done. So not a bad result.

Barney got nothing done today except airing his belly dots.

Not a bad way to spend a day.

I came home and we had a healthy dinner. Lots of veg. Aren't we good?

Actually, no we aren't, because we followed our healthy dinner with this:

Very chocolate-y Magnum. Tasty! Naughty. Paul messed about on the internet. I watched Four Weddings and got increasingly more amazed at the weddings that they showed. Serious amounts of food at the 'cocktail hour' (whatever that is) and then even more food at the reception. Dancing while the reception food is being served?!

While I'm sure that it makes sense to the people planning it, it doesn't to us Brits! During what I think 'cocktail hour' is, we will be sipping Bucks Fizz and eating a few canapes. No food stations of various types, just 5 different choices.

People will be sat and will eat during the meal. Sure, get up and talk to others between courses, but how people eat then dance then eat then dance without getting indigestion is beyond me!

Barney's exhausted even thinking about it.

I'm sure if that's what the tradition was here, then I'd embrace it (maybe) and that's what would be done, but that would cost SO much money in the UK. Weddings are expensive. I wonder how much my wedding would cost if it was just a party of the same size without using the 'w' word. It's an interesting thought.

Paul would like that much food though.

I'm yet to see a cheese - cake on there though. No fancy fondant for us! Take that, Four Weddings!

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