Sunday, 14 July 2013

03/07/2013 - Jitters

It's Wednesday so there was no gym this morning. We can all be a bit smiley about that one!

Work was, once again, busy! I had a lot to do and I got quite a lot done but was hindered by being asked to do loads of other stuff too!

Still, I left at 5 and came home. I got changed as we had a hot date. Sadly not with #Whedonsday this week, but with my friend Koran. We then had a bit of a road trip ahead.

We took a trip to our wedding venue! They have a wedding fair there every year. We went last year and thought we should go along again this year!

We decided to take Koran along for an outsiders point of view...and I know that she, like us, enjoys a freebie here and there. They did not disappoint. Free cake, cheese, pimms and prosecco?! Perfect evening!

Plus I got to see one of the first bookings we made for our wedding. Our wedding car.

This is the inside of the gorgeous VW Camper Van that I will be turning up in, in just over 2 months time! It's so cute! It's also surprisingly comfortable!

We enjoyed a hog roast, with some amazing sausages (and I am gutted that we can't afford to book them for our evening reception...they're very expensive) and the evening sunshine.

Want a sneeky peek at the venue. Well ok then!

That's the barn on the left with the big doors that the guests will walk through...if they haven't fallen over the cobble stone floor outside! Anyone reading this that is coming to our wedding, please take note that it is not a flat floor! Wear heels at your own peril! I think I'll change into mine from flip flops just before the ceremony!

They had a bagpipe player out in the courtyard as well...which was cool. I wish we could afford those as well, to embrace Paul's Scottish roots. Ah well.

We got back in the car slightly tipsy (not Paul, as he was driving!) and dropped Koran back at home. We then headed to ours to discuss the evening. Paul found it very successful, and even managed to negotiate some additions to our beverage list!

I, on the other hand, started to feel nervous. The next time that we're there is the day of our wedding. I'll be in the dress (which I had issues with) about to become a WIFE! EEK!

Yep. Even over a week later this still makes me nervous!

Still, this gorgeous face was greeting me when I came up to bed.

 This helps relax me.

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