Tuesday, 2 July 2013

01/07/2013 - Pinch Punch!

Insert usual "how is it July already" start to post here.

Today's get up and go was ever present, and we made it to the gym. I made my kinesis work out a little different today, and decided to throw in some step ups between each piece of equipment to vary it a little and keep the heart rate going. Which would end up being a theme for the day!

Then work. Lots and lots of work. Always hard when you have a four-day week planned!

No rest for the wicked though, as after work we ventured to circuit training at the gym again! The crazy souls that we are!

It was tough. I haven't perspired that much after a work out for ages. Which means it must be good.

I came home to a text message that made me smile. Which is all I will say about that. Stay tuned, folks!

In other news, our wedding favours have arrived! :)

Yup - everyone's getting a Barney in a Box! You lucky wedding guests, you! Ok, so it's just the box that Paul's new flip flops came in, but as every cat in the world does, as soon as there is a new box in the house, they have to sit in it! It's like they have a sixth sense or something! Hone in on the brand new box!

We ate dinner pretty quickly and watched the latest episode of True Blood, which was ok. I was by this point so tired that I needed to sleep! It wasn't late at all! I'm such an old woman!

As another little treat for you, dear blog readers, here is a work of art that was spontaneously created by us this evening.

We call it "worn out pile of trainers". I think it could win a prize or two at the Tate at least!

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