Sunday, 14 July 2013

06/07/2013 - Mes vacances: le premier jour

Waking up this morning was easy. Then I remembered that there were no kitties to cuddle and that made me sad. :(

Still - Things to do and taxis to be ready for. Except for the lack of money to get said taxi. I discovered I couldn't find my cash card. It's around somewhere but where that somewhere is, I don't know. Rather than stress about it, I cancelled it and ordered a new one to arrive while we were away. Silly me.

We had a very friendly taxi man drive us to the airport and then it was time to relax and wait for our flight.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport at 9am.

We sat in the cafe place in the Airport called The Kissing Gate. Yeah. If you go to Liverpool airport, don't eat there. The service was shocking. We ordered two breakfasts - one extra giant one for Paul (he gets hangry very easily) and a full english for me.

He had nearly finished his large breakfast before mine arrived. Was. Not. Amused.

Not worth the wait.

We sat and we chilled and watched the world go by. Then it had reached a reasonable time.

By reasonable, I mean 10am. What?! It's holiday! Mine was the little one.

My traditional photo of Paul and pint prior to plane. (Check out my alliteration there!)

 Liverpool John Lennon Airport (or Speke Airport prior to 2002) has many homages to The Beatles enclosed in the grounds. There is a yellow submarine statue outside it, which I can't find the picture I took of it. Urgh.

There are also loads of quotes in the departure lounge. I think they should change them annually or something but that probably costs lots of money.

 Then we headed for the plane. Due to some problems with French air traffic control (no idea what that was about) we were about 25 minutes behind schedule. Not the end of the world.

For the first time on EasyJet, we had assigned seats and SCORE! I had a window seat!

 Pretty views over France!

Nice view over the Côte d'Azur as well! :) Yup - it's a pretty place!


Anyone else get nervous that their suitcases won't have been put on the plane for whatever reason and that they're going to have to spend a few days in the clothes they are wearing? Just me?

Paul's parents, who had driven down through France a few days earlier, came to meet us at the airport and drive us to the apartment where we always stay. This is the fourth year, I believe, that we have stayed there and we're not bored of it yet! For one thing there is a great view!

Yep - just gorgeous. I could look at that all day!

As it had been such a long day, we went and had some food and then relaxed for a while. Save the unpacking for tomorrow I think!

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