Sunday, 14 July 2013

04/07/2013 - Another me...almost...

It's my last day in work for a while. So no gym for me this morning. Just an early start to try to plough through everything that I need to do before I finish!

I needed that extra time.

I had a bunch of new files to review and organise. One name looked kinda familiar:

Hahaha, this lady has almost the same name that I will once I'm married! So she is now my favourite client! :)

I finished work sometime after 5.30pm and headed home. I need to relax. Tomorrow is one of my least favourite days in the year, which will become apparent when you read it. I needed to not think and just get through the rest of the evening.

So I did. I sat and played about on my computer, caught up on some TV and generally did nothing!

Barney followed my lead.

Spider in his spider den. I love that boy!

Not really much to say about today. Sorry!

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