Thursday, 18 July 2013

12/07/2013 - Mes vacances: Septième jour

It's Paul's Mum's birthday! Happy birthday Mummy Kirkham! :)

We got up early and headed down to the beach for a last day of lazing in the sunshine. At lunch time we went for crepes and relaxed some more. It's our last day, and anything that we can do to procrastinate packing as long as possible is welcome!

We came back, showered and went to the local restaurant for dinner. They were full! We had to sit on a table in the doorway. It was odd.

We came back and opened the birthday fizz that we got for Paul's Mum. It was relaxing and very enjoyable!

Sadly, fizz doesn't last very long and the lights went down over the bay of Villefranche. It's a sad  time when the end of a holiday comes.

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