Sunday, 14 July 2013

08/07/2013 - Mes vacances: Troisième jour

 Another long hot night for us. So we did the only thing we could think of. Have another day at the beach!

At least we could nap on there. Except it was also really hot down there too! So hot, in fact, that even taking a dip in the Mediterranean couldn't cool us down properly! Believe me, we tried!

We managed for a few hours, went for a sandwich, came back again and tried for another hour but it was just so warm!

We packed up our stuff and decided to find a bar by the water in the shade to have a beverage and carry on with our books.

We were served by the grumpiest waiter we have ever had! But his slow service meant we got more time to sit and relax for longer!

We headed back, showered and changed and decided that as we hadn't eaten at that restaurant in any of our previous trips, we would eat there that evening. Plus it gave Paul's parents a chance to look over the harbour as they don't come down to the water-side very often.

That yellow house in the distance? My future house I think. I could see me living there, don't you? The cats could have their own rooms!

Or maybe that one with the pillars at the front? I could be the sort of girl that has pillars on the front of her house!

Dinner was very good indeed. I had a mushroom risotto, which was very tasty. Paul had fish and we were both pleasantly pleased with our choices.

Instead of heading back to the apartment, we headed to a hotel opposite for a drink. Paul's Mum and I had a bellini, which probably had one of our five-a-day in it in fruit! It was delicious though!

 Then back up to the apartment for one more cheeky drink before bed. This holiday is turning me into an alcoholic...well...even more than I was to start off with!

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