Sunday, 28 July 2013

22/07/2013 - Yep, this is really happening!

We started this day at the gym. Which is very good of us, don't you think?! I went on a rowing machine that didn't want to work properly and I think was a bit broken, then I biked for a little while. I'm not very good on the exercise bike, so hopefully it did all good things.

I then headed into work, but only for a half day today!

Colleague J was back from his holiday down to Cornwall and had brought me a present!

It's Cornish camper van fridge magnet! I love it!

Yes, I love tacky gifts. If anyone wants to send me tat from where they live, feel free! The cheaper and uglier the better! Someone has to buy these things, right?! They wouldn't make them otherwise!

At 12:30pm I left work and headed to the station where I met Paul. We then went on a rail trip to Southport! We're going to the seaside!

Seriously. £4.70 to get there. Absolute bargain. To say it costs closer to £20 to get to Manchester, which takes about the same amount of time, that shows how cheap it is! Yay for MerseyRail!

Sadly our trip to Southport wasn't to make Sandcastles in the Sand (Robin Sparkles, anyone?)...

Taken from YouTube. Sadly I can't find the actual video, which makes me sad.

...we were going to meet with the Registrar's office to finalise our wedding details! Hence us deciding our vows etc on Friday!

We were there a little early so grabbed a sandwich and sat in a park near to the Town Hall to enjoy them.

It was a gorgeous and warm day in Southport so why not sit out and enjoy it!

Our meeting with the Registrar was good. She was completely bonkers, which makes things entertaining. We paid our money and made our choices, subject to a few alterations. I have a feeling our ceremony is going to last for ages! Not quite Catholic Mass proportions, but I hope people like it. They needed far less detail than I thought they would, but it's all sorted now! It's exciting. And scary. I'm just glad we don't need to know the vows off by heart! There are quite a few of them!

We headed straight back to Liverpool as I needed to do a little bit of shopping. We were both shattered as well, so didn't see the point in hanging round.

We just chilled for the rest of the evening, to learn the news that the Royal Baby (yes - capitalised) has been born and it's a boy. Happy for them, but surely there is other news in the world? That poor child is going to have it tough.

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