Sunday, 14 July 2013

07/07/2013 - Mes vacances: Deuxième jour

We woke up early this morning. Probably due to the heat. It was rather warm in our chambre.

We got up and had a cup of tea (or two) in our giant Whittards mugs, which we brought with us as all the other cups in the apartment are tiny! We are English, we don't just want a sip of tea! We want a giant ostentatious slurp!

We then decided to take a stroll down the crazy steep hill to the beach! Well, we are on holiday and relaxation is the order of the week.

We got down there and lay ourselves down for a while, trying to get some colour as well as some valuable reading time.

We hadn't had breakfast so we headed to a local cafe for galettes and a drink.

 Oh, and an Orangina. Because you have to have Orangina with crepes!

Orangina being manly.

 Beer being feminine!

Yeah, I had Orangina too. But there was also un demi pression with my name on it. Also please note that this is the only picture of me on holiday. I much prefer to take the pictures than star in them! How I'll cope on my wedding day is another question!

That was my gallette. Un 'complet'. Ham and cheese with an egg cracked on top, which cooks in the heat from the rest of the food. It took a while for it to cook but it was delicious!

On the way back to our spot on the beach, we noticed a boat had sunk just near to the beach on some rocks.

Those kids were playing on it like it was a climbing frame. It's a shame.

We relaxed and read some more when I felt some drops of moisture on my back. I figured that the people near to us had just come out of the sea. Nope. It was rain.

It was raining but not very hard. The cloud was thin and the sun was still getting through. We debated going back to the apartment but instead decided to stick it out and see how bad it got.

So we had another beer...

Paul drinking beer on the beach in the rain.

It wasn't too bad, so we stayed longer. Once the rain cleared it was really nice!

You see the top of that hill? On the right-corner where it starts sloping down is where our apartment is. We have to walk there. You can really imagine how much we look forward to that walk!

Instead of going out, we stayed in and had some pizza from the nearby restaurant where we ate yesterday, and brought it up to the balcony and ate there. It was nice. It also meant that we didn't have to get dressed up which was even better!

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