Thursday, 18 July 2013

13/07/2013 - Mes vacances: Dernières heures

Early morning. The last few hours. Gorgeous view!

Such a lovely morning.

We finished packing up and made the most of all the last minutes we had in our holiday home. We sure love that place!

Pretty flowers again.

Pretty Paul!

Paul's parents' drove us to the airport and we were there ridiculously early. So we sat around in the restaurant, slowly drinking our drinks until we were able to drop off our bags. We then ate some very 'bready' sandwiches and went to look at the sign to check our flight. It said that the gate was closed. WHAT?! It's nowhere near time for the flight! Heart palpitations ago-go, we headed to the gate at an alarming rate, and the panic was open. It was closed because it hadn't opened yet!

We were one of the first few on the plane, which is a rare thing for us, and then, even better, we got moved!

As Paul is so tall, we were given the door seats and we got loads of extra leg room! SCORE! We paid extra attention to the safety announcements and cards just in case the plane broke down.

Guess what. The plane broke down. The brakes. Broke. We were about to leave and the Captain told us that there was a problem with the brakes so we couldn't take off. Urgh.

It delayed us for about 30 minutes. We slept through them. Then we took off and came back home!

Yeah. I wasn't a bit terrified.

We got back safe and sound and were out of the airport pretty quickly. However, not quick enough enough to be able to pick up the cats today. We'll have to get them tomorrow. This makes me sad. :(

Unable to face unpacking this evening, we ordered a curry and watched "One for the Money" - based on the first of the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich books that I've been reading this week!

That's the trailer. It's not had very good reviews. It was fun. Not the best. But fun!

I also had a look at some other little 'joys' I brought home with me.

F###ing mosquitoes.

Sleepy time. We were both knackered and missed our bed. Shame there were no kitties to join us though. :(

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