Tuesday, 23 July 2013

19/07/2013 - Frying Friday

It's set to be the hottest day of the year today. So naturally I'm in work.

Only after gymming with Paul though. We did some upper body weights. It was tough. Even the gym's lowest weight level was too heavy for me. They clearly aren't used to girls lifting dumbells there!

It was a long day. And yes, a very warm one. Colleague T and I were on our own most of the day, and Bossman A came in for about an hour, did the post and then left. He said we could go early. 15 minutes early. Generous, no?

When I was walking home, I noticed this sign by the station.

Seriously. If people really are that desperate for someone to deliver them McD, KFC or Subway then I really despair at what the world is coming to.

When I got home, Paul and I made the decision to embrace the local culture and sit out the front of our houses and enjoy the last of the day's sunshine. It was nice! We also had decisions to make because on Monday we have to speak to the registrar and organise our wedding ceremony!

We had to go through the paperwork they had sent us, pick our vows and any other enhancements ready to meet with them. What better place to do it than in the sunshine?!

 Ok, so just for the record, I can't take the Southport Registrar seriously because all their forms and information are typed in Comic Sans MS. Seriously. This is a professional company and they use that font. Amazing.

While I was reading through the important stuff, Paul was watching the cricket on the laptop. England were doing very well so who was I to stop him?!

We had someone want to join us:

Maia has been outside before, but only when she escapes. She was allowed to come out and sit on my knee but not free roam. She would have run under one of the parked cars and taken hours to come back in again.

Once the sun went behind the house, it was still pleasant but we decided to take the party indoors and watch some more tv. With nothing new to catch up on, we went for something old!

Go to love The OC. Nothing like looking at how the other side live.

I sent Paul out for some supplies and watched the pretty people of Orange County in their every day lives. With a nice cooling Gin and Tonic or two...of course. :)

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