Monday, 23 December 2013

19/12/2013 - Busy little bee!

Didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Barney had a bad night again. Poor little lamb. He's been doing so well but last night it was Gollum a-go-go. He's still in good spirits, but I hate that I can't do anything. :(

I got to work and had a VERY productive day! Go me! My to do pile doesn't look that bad at all!

It was still a long day though. That's the problem when there are only two of you in the office! Plus there was loads of post, but it didn't arrive until pretty much 2pm! Not good that it's coming that late!

After work I wandered to the supermarket (it was a tad chilly!) to get a few bits and bobs that we needed. Ended up spending a small fortune as I remembered little gifts that we needed to get (for the cleaner etc). I also managed to speak to Paul while I was in there which was good.

Then I came home, had dinner (which was no more impressive with mashed potato and a day to infuse with flavour) and decided that the time had come to get my craft on again.

I have thank you cards to make for the wedding and by golly, I'm actually looking forward to doing them! Enough time has passed after the wedding now, so I think I'm ready to get the ol' glue gun out again!

I made a couple of prototypes to show Paul and if he approves (and is willing to help) then this weekend will be filled with last minute Christmas shopping and crafting!

I worked until about 9 and then felt too tired to do any more. I vegetated in front of the tv for a while before retiring to beddybyes!

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