Monday, 30 December 2013

26/12/2013 - Family Fun Day!

Woke up this morning and felt as fresh as a daisy! Which was unexpected to be honest! With a long day ahead of us that was necessary!

We had breakfast and all took our turn in the shower, then all crammed into Paul's dad's car to head over to Blackpool! We didn't linger, just deposited Paul's parents and then we headed over to Preston for the Boxing Day traditional Hartley family gathering!

We were the second to arrive, being beaten there by my Mum and Dad! So we exchanged presents and while they gave me vouchers, we gave them their copy of our wedding album! I think they liked it! Mum especially! She can stop guilt tripping me about getting any official pictures now!

Once everyone arrived, the buffet opened and the clan descended on the dining table - my husband and my father being the first there. No surprise! :)

There were an array of Christmas jumpers this year, which was nice. I was wearing mine (which had moulted all over the car!) but Paul forgot his. Silly billy!

After food there was high demand (mostly from my lovely cousin Adam, dressed in his Santa onesie) for the start of the sharing of Secret Santa presents! Yay!

Of course, we gave the little 'uns some gifts first and they seemed to enjoy those!

Then it was the adults' turn! Naturally, with someone here in a Santa onesie, he had to dish out the presents to us all!

 Dad was up first!

Secret Santa also came for little Jacob too!

 A drill! Another drill! He likes his drills does our Jacob!

Paul got beer. So he was happy!

Genuine smile there from my hubby!

My Secret Santa present? Well...I'm not really sure how to take it...

Either a hint that I should do more washing up or someone calling me a diva? Either way, it'll look cool next to my sink!

We sat around and chatted some more and my dad fell asleep. As he does!

Cousin Daniel enjoys the baby's present! Apparently it was really good!

How cute are these pics of Adam with little Jacob?! He's adorable and loves Adam to pieces! He thinks he's funny! Well, he is!

I couldn't resist getting in on the action!

Seriously, he is just too cute!

So Paul couldn't resist getting in on the action either!

Can't beat a good selfie!

Then it was time for pudding!

It's not a Hartley family party without jelly and blancmange! It's tradition!

There was also a new tradition!

Cheese! You know we love cheese and this selection was not to be scoffed at! Paired with some of the chilli jam my parents had made...perfection.

Gorgeous little Emily in her spotty onesie! She's at that stage where she's ready to walk but hasn't got her balance yet, but she's crawling around everywhere and pulling herself up! Next time we see her (whenever that is) she'll be walking! It's madness!

We left my Aunt's house and then drove back over to Blackpool to see the Kirkham clan. Yes - we have to do it all again!

Luckily there were kids there as well, so there was more play time!

And more presents to open!

Little O and S are just adorable boys! They're always a bit wary of you at first but then I think when they see that you want to play and give them attention, they love you!

So naturally, I had a play with them! :) We played with their pirate ship and remote controlled cars...I even went in their den under the dining table! If that's not acceptance from toddlers, I don't know what is!

The other star of the show was Paul's Aunt's dog - Asali! She's a Rhodesian Ridgeback and about 8 or 9 months old. Which you will not believe when you see the size of her!

I just love her worried little face!

Just to show the size of her paws...

Yes, she was having a nibble. No it didn't hurt. She was just playing. Such a cutie!

The boys had been taken to get ready for bed. When they came back they were in their superhero onesies! No longer O and S but Spiderman and The Hulk!

Not particularly flattering of me! I was trying to get them to do big cheesy grins! Instead they are cute and lovely and I look like the Cheshire Cat!

They are adorable. They also decided that they were going to take down The Evil Caroline and both came and piled on me! With the dog! Well, if Evil Caroline is going to be defeated, it may as well be by Spiderman and The Hulk, right?! Oh, and The Great Asali!

Almost like butter wouldn't melt, eh? She's so energetic, as you'd imagine for a 9 month old puppy but she is a lovely girl as well. I can't believe she could grow any more!

A blurred view of her ridgeback!

I just want to give her a big hug and a kiss and tell her everything is ok!

Yep - that's a giant paw!

We said our goodbyes so we weren't too late home and headed back on the motorway. There was a rather odd noise coming from the car, so when we were about half way home, we stopped at the service station to see what had got caught on the bottom of the car.

Nothing had got caught, as such, but part of the undercarriage of the car had fallen off and was dragging along the road!


It wouldn't come loose, so we carried on home hoping we'd get back ok. We did, thank goodness! Really didn't want that flying off and hitting someone else's car.

I got in and called my Mum to let her know we were safe. I then watched some of the Big Fat Quiz of the Year which was ok. It was time to go to bed though. It had been a long day. Paul and his Mum were watching Match of the Day, so I finished my wine and headed for sleepyland.

Boofle got cuddles. Of course. I love Boofle.

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